Welcome to master map.  Besides continually adding postal locations to this map we will be adding activity sites for IAL-APWU and member events. Information from other 'crafts', locals and individuals is welcome. is a part of the network. see below for map viewing instructions
CommunityWalk Map -
  • Use the 'zoom in' feature [+/-] to separate overlapping icon clusters.
  • Hover your mouse over an icon to see location.
  • Click on an icon to open it.
  • When opening an item click the title to see slide shows and video.
  • To show icons by category click on the 'Legends' box and check/uncheck the boxes in the 'Legend' box.
  • You can change the view to street map for driving references, or change to satellite view and zoom in to see actual features of the terrain, or click 'Hybred' for a combination view. Refresh the page to return to original view.
  • When clicking on an icon you can obtain driving directions by clicking the little car icon.