OUR GOAL: Empower our Union by reducing Apathy, improving Communications, raising our Public and 'In-house" Image, and increasing the Proficiency of our Union Stewards and Officers. 


The site www.postal-indy.com and the sister site on FaceBook “POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook” are designed for Postal Workers, particularly Central Indiana postal workers. It is not restricted to Union Members. Supervisors and non-APWU crafts are welcome but anti-unionist are NOT WELCOME.

We welcome differences of opinion and diverse discussions, but we expect the discourse to be civil.

Why isn’t the site restricted to Union Members?

The site is independent from the local so verification of membership is not possible. Affiliation with the Local or National would involve giving up our autonomy. The Local’s inability or disinterest in what we are trying to do in itself is an indication that affiliation is at this time undesirable.

We feel more confident in our ability to maintain a relevant and real time service for our members and co-workers.

Even though the POSTAL-iNDY sites are not affiliated with IAL-APWU, AFL-CIO we try to work with and support the efforts of our local while being an independent forum for the discussion of and exchange of information amongst members of the IAL-APWU and other interested parties.

What are the rules for POSTAL-iNDY? 

Very few. Be civil. Keep criticism constructive.

But most of all, like anywhere on the internet show discretion when posting to either site. Postal Employees should remember that their statements may be observed by others

You will still be able to access this website with the url:
http://postal-indy.blogspot.com/ .

I started Postal-Indy.org when I was an officer of the Indianapolis Area Local APWU as a resource for central Indiana Postal Workers. A place to find resources related to:
  • Federal Employment
  • Retirement
  • Postal Info
  • Postal Forms
  • Local Events
  • National APWU news, etc.

It is free to all Postal Workers regardless of Craft or status.

The website is 'interactive' as you can contribute articles, pictures and info, and if you are willing to go through an informal email training correspondence, you can even learn how to post your contributions yourself.

Articles/Post appear in reverse order, newest Post at the top, older Post move down until they 'fall off'. You can always find them on the pages listed in the Table Of Contents.
*Some articles may appear on more than one page, depending on their relevance.

When viewing single articles[post] or articles by subject you can always return to the main[most current] page by clicking the postal-indy.com banner at the top/bottom of any page.

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POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook is the sister site for www.postal-indy.com 

POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook membership is by invitation/request only. To request membership click the button below then click "Request To Join" button on POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook page and await you confirmation.


Once a member you can conduct conversations on our wall with your fellow members. You can start 'Topics' for in depths discussions on our 'Discussions' tab. You can also view and upload videos and pictures from our 'Picture' and 'Video' tabs. You can also link to www.postal-indy.com from POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook.

Whenever a new post/article is up[loaded on the www.postal-indy.com site a wall post ‘snippet’ link to that article will appear on POSTAL-iNDY.com On FaceBook

Postal~INDY is not affiliated with IAL-APWU, AFL-CIO. While we try to work with and support the efforts of our local we are an independent forum for the discussion of and exchange of information amongst members of the IAL-APWU and other interested parties. 


Contact Us At:

Glenn Littrell
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Other Changes To Postal-Indy:
  • An interactive Map of locations of Postal events, Plants, Stations, Branches, and the Union Hall etc. is also in development.
  • You can submit information for the Events Calendar for events relative to Postal Workers and their families [These events can also be added to the iNDYDiRTYSOCKS.com events calendar also. iNDYDiRTYSOCKS is the sister site of Postal-Indy.com].
  • The contact email address is being changed to glenndl@postal-indy.com .  You can continue to use what ever email address you have for me now as I will continue those addresses for personal use and on other websites. The new address is just a way of keeping my email organized.